Eleanor Tomlinson Nude (1 Pics + Video)

Eleanor Tomlinson has her first nude scene in “Colette” (2018) but it’s very brief. Eleanor May Tomlinson is a 26-year-old English actress (The War of the Worlds (2018)).

Colette (Keira Knightley) visiting Georgie Raoul-Duval (Eleanor Tomlinson). We then see an over the shoulder view as Keira opens Eleanor’s top exposing her right boob briefly.

Eleanor Tomlinson Nude (1 Pics + Video)

Bright and talented Colette writes brilliant works that her husband Willy gives for his creations. Books become bestsellers, and the Bohemian couple turns into a sensation in Paris. But when Willy tries to get Colette to write another novel, she starts fighting for creative freedom, challenging public notions of literature, fashion, and sexuality.


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